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Distinguished Alumnus and Alumna Award

About the Award

  • When presented:   University Day each year (October 12)
  • How many awards:  A maximum of five awards is authorized by the enabling faculty legislation.
  • Process:  Award recipients are nominated by the Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee, recommended by the Faculty Council, and approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Establishing document: Distinguished Alumnus/a Award Regulation
  • Criteria:  Nominee has made an outstanding contribution to humanity in any walk of life.
  • Eligibility:  Nominees must be alumni of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is defined as including all persons who were registered for at least one full academic year as a student in residence in any college or school of the University. In general, anyone listed in the General Alumni Association’s Alumni Directory is eligible except members of the University faculty, staff, and administration. They become eligible two years after separation from the University.  Awards are not conferred in absentia or posthumously.

Submit a Nomination

Please visit the “Submit Nominations” page at the left for instructions on how to submit your nomination. The deadline for nominating someone for the 2016 award is September 28, 2015.

Past Award Recipients, 1971-present

2014 Patricia Dallas Horoho (B.S., 1982)
James B. Hunt, Jr. (J.D., 1964; LL.D., 1978)
Andrew “Sandy” McNally IV (B.A., 1963)
James R. Patton, Jr. (B.A., 1948)
Wade Marvin Smith (B.A., 1960; J.D. 1963)
2013 Stuart Bondurant (B.S. 1950; M.D. 1953)
William Ewart Easterling, III (B.A. 1976; M.A. 1980; PhD. 1984)
Karol Virginia Mason (B.A. 1979; J.D. 1982)
Todd Lincoln Miller (B.A. 1978; M.R.P. 1980)
Gary Wilton Parr (B.S.B.A 1979)
2012 Gregory Stanley Allgood (B.S. 1981; M.S.P.H. 1983)
Mary Marshall Clark (B.A. 1975)
Deborah Parham Hopson (M.S.P.H. 1979; Ph.D. 1990)
Jonathan T. Reckford (B.S. 1984)
2011 Alan Bergman (B.A. 1948)
Frederick Otto Mueller (A.B. Educ., 1961; M. Educ., 1964; Ph.D., 1970)
Linda Ellen Oxendine (A.B. 1967)
Thomas Hart Sayre (A.B. 1973)
Denise Jean Jamieson (M.P.H. 1991)
2010 James Larry Jameson III (B.S. 1976, M.D. 1981, Ph.D. 1981)
Harry Louis Jones Sr. (A.B. 1972, M.P.A. 1980)
Harry Corpening Martin (A.B. 1942)
Alane Salierno Mason (A.B. 1986)
Charles Milton Shaffer Jr. (A.B. 1964, J.D. 1967)
2009 Janie McLawhorn Fouke (M.S. 1980, Ph.D. 1982)
Santiago Gangotena (Ph.D. 1977)
Mariel Margaret (Mia) Hamm (A.B. 1994)
Walter Edward Hussman Jr. (A.B. Jour. 1968)
William Frederick Little (M.A. 1952; Ph.D. 1954
2008 William Joseph Bynum, Jr. (A.B., 1982)
Leah McCall Devlin (B.S., 1976; D.D.S., 1979; M.P.H., 1984)
Molly Wilmer Barker (A.B., 1982; M.S.W., 1989)
Walter Lowry Caudill (B.S. Chem. 1979)
Debra Wehrle Stewart (Ph.D., 1975)
2007 Clyde Ritchie Bell (A.B., 1943; M.A., 1949)
Donald Benjamin Cameron (A.B., 1975)
Alan Stewart Murray (A.B., 1977)
Anne Ponder (A.B. Educ. 1971; M.A., 1973; Ph.D., 1979)
Charles Thomas Scott (Class of 1970)
2006 Valerie Alayne Batts and Angela Rebecca Bryant (joint award)
William Burwell Harrison, Jr.
Weiming Lu
Charles Barnet Nemeroff
George Edwin Stuart III
2005 Ana Lucia Almeida Gazzola
Thomas Forrest Kelly
James Arthur Merchant
Roy Hampton Park, Jr.
2004 Elson Sylvester Floyd
Charles Melvin Hudson, Jr.
William Carter Jenkins
John Frederick Shultz
Marilyn Frances Zschau
2003 Mary Sue Wilson Coleman
Katherine Ann High
Shirley Friedlander Weiss
2002 Philip Leroy Clay
Benjamin Franklin Long IV
2001 James Alan Duke
Hugh Leon McColl, Jr.
Anthony Eden Rand
P. Kay Wagoner
2000 Russell Banks
Nancy Stookesberry Cole
Walter Estes Dellinger III
Patricia Stanford Love
Willis Padgett Whichard
1999 Jerry Dean Campbell
Joel Lawrence Fleishman
Howard Nathaniel Lee
Margaret Elizabeth Senter
Edward Harris Wagner
1998 George Alexander Heard
Bertha Merrill Holt
William Harris Hooks
Banks Dayton Kerr
John Lassiter Sanders
Bailey Daniel Webb
1997 William Clyde Friday
Mary Elizabeth Junck
Hugh MacRae Morton
William Stevens Powell
George Cashel Stoney
1996 Carol Ann Kemp Aschenbrener
Herman Blumenthal
William Alexander Darity
Lawrence Monsanto Ferlinghetti
John Paul Nickell
1995 Harlan Edward Boyles
Dorothy Sattes Ridings
Roberts Edgar Timberlake
1994 Ida Howell Friday
Martha Nell Hardy
Arthur Stanley Link
Mary Pope Osborne
Melvin Luther Watt
1993 Mary Elizabeth Burkett
Mary Lindsay Elmendorf
William Happer
Joseph Quincy Mitchell
James Dickson Phillips Jr.
James Worrell Pruett
Terry Sanford
Louis Cornelius Stephens Jr.
1992 Marie Watters Colton
James G. Exum Jr.
Frank Russell Reynolds
Eugene Leslie Roberts Jr.
Donald Keith Sultan
1991 Beatrice Cummings Mayer
Gaillard Fitzsimons Ravanel II
Kenneth C. Royall Jr.
Vermont Royster
1990 Stephen C. Cowper
Charles Luke Powell
Eleanor Bernert Sheldon
1989 Franklin Taylor Branch
Anne Coffin Hanson
Alexander Julian II
Warren Winkelstein Jr.
Jonathan Yardley
1988 Edward G. Bilpuch
Gail Godwin
Richard Knight Jr.
Thomas W. Lambeth
Roger Mudd
1987 Eli N. Evans
O. B. Hardison Jr.
George M. Harper
Judith A. Hines
Roy Parker Jr.
1986 Henry Ell Frye
Jeffrey Kenneth MacNelly
John A. Montgomery
Rolfe Neill
Banks C. Talley Jr.
1985 Jane Triplett Carswell
Richard Hampton Jenrette
Bryce Jordan
Lindsay C. Warren Jr.
1984 John Marsden Ehle Jr.
Kathrine Robinson Everett
Sarah Taylor Morrow
James Wesley Silver
Sherwood H. Smith Jr.
1983 Julius LeVonne Chambers
Herman Howe Fussler
Jane Smith Patterson
William Edgar Thornton
1982 Kay Knight Clarke
George Grizzard
Mary Elizabeth Mebane
David Stick
1981 Richard Adler
Charles Knox Massey
Adeline Denham McCall
Henry William Scott Jr.
Colin Stokes
1980 Paul Alexander Johnson
Julia Cherry Spruill
Guy Owen
C. Vann Woodward
Edwin M. Yoder Jr
1979 Victor Silas Bryant
Jacob Berke Freedland
May Belle Penn Jones
Frank Hawkins Kenan
Joseph M. (Spike) Saunders
1978 William McWhorter Cochrane
Andrew Samuel (Andy) Griffith
Eugene Pleasants Odum
Howard Thomas Odum
David Coston Sabiston Jr.
1977 Nathaniel Perkinson Hayes
Phillip Hettleman
Susie Marshall Sharp
William Davis Snider
Shepperd Strudwick
1976 William Haywood Bobbitt
Clement Eaton
Walter Gordy
Louis Harris
Charles Raper Jonas
1975 Shelby Dade Foote
Gordon Gray
Frank Borden Hanes
Guion Griffis Johnson
Guy Benton Johnson
1974 Archibald Kimbrough Davis
Holt McPherson
Thomas B. Stroup
Katharine Way
Tom Wicker
1973 Page Ackerman
Samuel J. Ervin, Jr.
Paul Green
James Kerne (Kay) Kyser
Hugh Thomas Swedenberg, Jr.
1972 William T. Couch
Emmanuel J. Evans
Charles B. Kuralt
James C. Wallace
Capus M. Waynick
1971 Luther H. Hodges
Robert Mayer Lumiansky
Grover E. Murray
Frances Grey Patton
Oliver L. Sause