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Thomas Jefferson Award

About the Award

  • When presented:  September Faculty Council meeting each year
  • How many awards: One award
  • Process:  Nominations may be submitted by any member of the faculty.  The Thomas Jefferson Award is presented by the Chancellor on recommendation of the faculty’s Committee on Honorary Degrees and Special Awards.
  • Establishing document: Jefferson Regulation
  • Criteria: The Thomas Jefferson Award was established in 1961 by the Robert Earll McConnell Foundation. It is presented annually to “that member of the academic community who through personal influence and performance of duty in teaching, writing, and scholarship has best exemplified the ideals and objectives of Thomas Jefferson.”
  • Eligibility:  Any active member of the faculty is eligible, including those who are participating in the phased-retirement program.

Submit a Nomination

Please visit the “Submit Nominations” page at the left for instructions on how to submit your nomination.  The deadline to nominate someone for the 2014 award is April 1, 2014.

Past Award Recipients, 1962-present

2013 Gene Nichol
2012 Joy Kasson
2011 George Sheldon
2010 John Parkhill “Jack” Evans
2009 George Lensing, Jr.
2008 H. Shelton Earp
2007 Stephen Fredrick Weiss
2006 Michael A. Stegman
2005 Madeline G. Levine
2004 Charles E. Daye
2003 Joseph S. Ferrell
2002 Charles S. Stone Jr.
2002 Ruel W. Tyson Jr.
2001 Royce W. Murray
2000 Lawrence I. Gilbert
2000 Beverly Long
1999 Doris Waugh Betts
1998 Stuart Bondurant
1997 Donald Jicha
1996 Raymond Dawson
1995 James L. Peacock III
1994 Harry Gooder
1993 [No award]
1992 Frank Wilson, Jr.
1991 Ernest L. Eliel
1990 Mary Ellen Jones
1989 William B. Blythe
1988 John L. Sanders
1987 Richard J. Richardson
1986 Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
1985 John Charles Morrow III
1984 Janet J. Fischer
1984 Newton D. Fischer
1983 George A. Kennedy
1983 Cecil G. Sheps
1982 Daniel H. Pollitt
1981 Richard H. Fogle
1980 William F. Little
1979 Lyle V. Jones
1978 Walter S. Spearman
1977 J. Dickson Phillips
1976 Joseph C. Sloane
1975 C. Hugh Holman
1974 Daniel T. Young
1973 Daniel A. Okun
1972 Eugen Merzbacher
1971 E. Maynard Adams
1970 Frederic N. Cleveland
1969 Charles B. Robson
1968 Dougald MacMillan
1967 William B. Aycock
1966 William L. Wiley
1965 Fletcher M. Green
1964 Henry P. Brandis, Jr.
1963 Rupert B. Vance
1962 Maurice T. Van Hecke