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Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee

§4-10. Current Charge of the Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee.

2013-2014 Members

For contact information, please go to the UNC-Chapel Hill Directory.
The chair of the committee is italicized.

Last Name First Name Base/Appt School/Dept Term Expires
Akin John Arts & Sciences 2014
Becker Misha Arts & Sciences 2015
Halpern Carolyn Sch Pub Hlth 2014
Kawula Thomas Sch Medicine 2016
Moran Barbara Sch Info & Lib 2014
Moreton Elliot Arts & Sciences 2016
Otey Carol Sch Medicine 2014
Parise Leslie Sch Medicine 2015
Passannante Tony Sch Medicine 2015
Retsch-Bogart George Sch Medicine 2016
Smith Jessica Sch Govt 2016
Thompson James Arts & Sciences 2015