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Honorary Degrees & Special Awards Committee

§4-11. Current Charge of the Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee.

Committee Members:  Access nomination materials for various awards via Sakai, either by logging in to Sakai, going to the “Faculty Governance” tab, and navigating to the “resources” for this committee, or by following this direct link to the nominee information page (ONYEN login required).

2013-2014 Members

For contact information, please go to the UNC-Chapel Hill Directory.
The chair of the committee is italicized.

Last Name First Name Base/Appt School/Dept Term Expires
Carter Hodding Arts & Sciences 2015
Eble Connie Arts & Sciences 2016
Estroff Sue Sch Medicine 2014
Ferrell Joseph  Faculty Governance EO
Guillory J Ferrel Sch Journalism 2016
Orringer Eugene Sch Medicine 2014
Owen Bobbi Arts & Sciences 2015

Past Rosters